Viking-Era Ships

Material: PLA (Polylactic Acid) polymer, 3D printed on a FDM (Fixed Deposit Modeling) printer.

Available scales: 1:72, 1:87, 1:100, 1:120, 1:150

All kits consist of unpainted parts that need to be glued together. The two warships come with benches, shield racks and shields. They are available either with a stand or as waterline models. A selection of five different dragon heads/tails is also provided, along with a single-page assembly instruction.

These are 3D printed kits covering the era of ca. AD700-AD1050. They can be built as standalone models, or can be added to a diorama for a stupendous extra effect. The usual scales are 1:72 to 1:144 but special order ships in 1:300 scale have also already been requested and printed.

Selection Of Ships

Small Viking Warship (26-seater)

20-piece model “Small Warship” (crew not included, see my Viking miniatures sets on this site)

Small Viking Trading Ship

20-piece model “Small Trader” (crew not included)

Medium Viking Warship (32-seater)

30-piece model “Medium Warship”(crew not included)

Small Warship prices excl shipping:

1:72, 1:87=$36

1:100, 1:120=$24

1:150= $18

Small Trader prices excl shipping:

1:72, 1:87=$24

1:100, 1:120=$18

1:150= $12

Medium Warship prices excl shipping:

1:72, 1:87=$48

1:100, 1:120=$36

1:150= $24

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