Model Sailship Blocks etc.

Possible sizes: diameter 2mm, diameter 4mm.

Prices: $0.05 per block for 4 mm block size, $0.03 per block for 2 mm block size. Other odds and ends available on request. Excludes shipping and packing.

Material: 3D printed resin, UV cured, unpainted.

Basic block: This is a very simple type of block that I have already printed out by the hundreds in various sizes for use with my own sailship kits.

Odds and Ends: One accumulates many 3D printable odds and ends with time – barrels open and closed, cannon ball racks, tables, buckets, lanterns, even a horses’ lower jaw for a horse cult diorama. All equipment such as carpentry hammers, farming sickles and dragon heads for ships’ prows is also included here.

Available sets

4mm diameter

Large-ish blocks.

2mm diameter

Small-ish blocks.

Various scales

Odds and Ends.

Contact by e-mail:
or call +43 650 4227 468

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