Model Cannon 1550-1820

Possible scales for printouts: 1:56, 1:72, 1:87, 1:100, 1:120, 1:140, 1:150, 1:160, 1:180, 1:200.

Prices: $1.- per figure (includes separate barrel and carriage) for 1:56-1:72 scale, $0.50 per figure for 1:87-1:100 scale, $0.25 per figure for 1:120-1:200 scale. Excludes shipping and packing.

Material: 3D printed resin, UV cured, unpainted.

This section shows cannon for numerous types of sailship models covering the years 1600-1800. Finally, my VOC SpiegelRetour-ship or my Pirate Brigantine got the cannon that they deserved, in whatever scale was required.

Various sets of land-based cannon and crew are currently also in the works……

Available sets

1:72 scale

English Cannon 1650 set includes Minion, Saker, Culverin and Demicannon sizes, plus a Falconet thrown in too.

1:72 scale

French Cannon 1770 set includes Minion, Saker, Culverin and Demicannon sizes with both long and short barrel options and French-style carriages.

1:72 scale

English Cannon 1805 set includes 6lb, 8lb, 12lb, 18lb, 24lb and 32lb sizes, with an early 12lb Carronade thrown in too.

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