Historical Craftsmen and Farmers

Possible scales for printouts: 1:56, 1:72, 1:87, 1:100, 1:120, 1:140, 1:150, other scales available on request.

Prices: $1.- per figure (people+oxen) 1:56-1:72 scale, $0.50 per figure for 1:87-1:100 scale, $ 0.25 per figure for 1:120-1:150 scale, all equipments shown are free on purchase of a full set. Excludes shipping and packing.

Material: 3D printed resin, UV cured, unpainted.

Medieval Farmers: Arguably the most important part of a medieval diorama since they made up the vast majority of the population. These two sets show men and women with farm equipment, as well as the ubiquitous ox-drawn cart. Even the grandest castle diorama can do with a few of these characters !

Medieval Craftsmen: Castles and churches permanently needed maintenance by teams of specialized construction craftsmen. Siege engines and ships not only had to be constructed but the carpenters who created them typically also used them. Blacksmiths were also very common. The three sets each contain six or more poses, and include all the typical tools used for each trade.

Available sets

1:72 scale

Male farmers with sickles and pitchforks, 6x poses; 4x oxen and wagon included.

1:72 scale

Female farmers with scythes, and flails, 5x poses; 4x oxen and wagon included.

1:120 scale

Carpenters at work, 7x poses; logs, log supports and worktable included.

1:72 scale

Blacksmiths at work, 6x poses; barrels, furnace buckets and anvil included.

1:72 scale

Construction team at work/resting, 7x poses; ladder, table and winch pieces included.

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